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925. Speak at OSCON 2020, One of the Largest Open Source Conferences in the World

As you may know, OSCon is one of the largest Open Source Conferences in the world.

If you have a great Open Source project to present to the world, this may be a good opportunity to not only present it to an interested audience, but also talk with other developers that may want to join your project.

Read this article to learn how to send a proposal to you can become a speaker in OSCON 2020 edition.

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537. Great Upcoming Technology Events From O'Reilly with Special Discounts for PHP Classes Users

O'Reilly is a publisher well known among software developers for they extensive list of published books. They also organize great conferences.

Read this article to learn about two upcoming events technology events on performance and Open Source software.

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320. O'Reilly OSCON Europe with Great PHP and JavaScript Talks

OSCON is one of the most traditional Open Source conferences that O'Reilly organizes since many years ago.

The Europe edition will take place in Amsterdam on October 26 through 28 and it includes great talks from well known speakers of the PHP and JavaScript community.

Read this article to learn more about the event, as well a special low cost pass that includes access to some technical sessions, the Sponsor Pavillion access and Ignite talks.

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294. Online Boot Camp for Modernizing PHP Legacy Applications

Over the years the recommended practices to develop PHP applications have evolved but applications developed in the past were not maintained and suffer with several problems for being what are usually called legacy applications.

Read this article to learn how you can participate in an online course to learn the best practices to modernize your legacy PHP applications.

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214. Ski PHP Conference

The Utah PHP Users Group is organizing the Ski PHP Conference 2014. They started a call for speakers.

Read this article to learn more about the event and how you can submit a proposal to speak at the event.

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