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365. How to Effectively Prepare for your Technical Interview & Coding Challenge

Doing well in technical interviews is important for all developers to succeed in getting good jobs.

Read this article to learn about 5 important tips on how to get good jobs by getting ready for technical interviews.

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202. PHP Innovation Award Winner of 2012 - Lately in PHP podcast episode 33

The PHP Programming Innovation Award Winner of 2012 was announced. An interview with the winner, Karl Holz from Canada, was one of the main topics of the episode 33 of the Lately in PHP podcast conducted by Manuel Lemos and Ernani Joppert.

They also discussed the usual batch of PHP topics of interest like Zend Optimizer+ source code that was released, the PHP 5.5 feature freeze and roadmap, as well an article that compares PHP to an Hobbit, as well other languages to Lord Of The Rings story characters.

Listen to the podcast, or watch the podcast video, or read the transcript to learn about these and other interesting PHP topics.

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179. PHP Programming Innovation Award Winner of 2011

Richard Keizer from the Netherlands is the winner of the PHP Programming Innovation Award winner of the 2011 edition.

Despite Richard has been very busy with his own projects, he finally made time to give an interview about his participation in the award, as well about other nominated classes of other authors that he thinks are worth mentioning.

Richard also discusses a few very interesting features that he would like to see in the PHP Classes site to make it more useful for developers that submit nice contributions to the site and users that benefit from them.

Read this article to learn more about Richard work and his great ideas to make PHP Classes an even better PHP community site.

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170. The Debate of Making PHP Faster using a JIT Compiler - Lately in PHP podcast episode 19

The official PHP implementation is evolving too slowly, while alternative implementations like Phalanger and Facebook HipHop can run PHP faster thanks to the use of JIT compiler engines.

JIT compilation was the main topic of the episode 19 of the Lately in PHP podcast presented by Manuel Lemos and Ernani Joppert who received as guests Miloslav Beno of the Phalanger team and Nuno Lopes of the PECL LLVM project to discuss this and other interesting topics of the PHP scene.

They also made a brief retrospective of what happened in the PHP world in 2011 and what they expect for 2012.

Listen to the podcast or read the transcript here.

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166. The Debate on Remote Work for Web Developers - Lately in PHP podcast episode 18

The recently published article on attracting talented Web developers by offering remote job positions raised an interesting debate on the challenges, advantages and disadvantages of this way of working.

This debate was the main topic of discussion of the episode 18 of the Lately in PHP podcast with Manuel Lemos and Ernani Joppert, who were joined by CÚsar Rodas. CÚsar is a top PHPClasses contributor that has been working remotely for several years for companies around the world.

They also comment briefly on the PHP 5.3.9 and PHP 5.4 release candidate versions announced earlier in November.

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160. PHP 5.4.0 Will not Include APC, Is MODX CMS better than Wordpress? Top PHP Developers in Every Country - Lately in PHP Episode 16

PHP 5.4 beta 1 was released but APC is not going to be included at least in PHP 5.4.0. Manuel Lemos and Ernani Joppert discuss this and other happenings in the PHP world, like the adoption of more robust Continuous Integration methods to prevent shipping buggy PHP versions like what happened with PHP 5.3.7.

Bob Ray, a book author and contributor of the MODX CMS project was interviewed in the podcast to talk about this revelation CMS and how it compares with other popular systems like Wordpress.

Also commented on this podcast was the recent launch of a feature in the PHPClasses site that allows to distinguish Top PHP Developers in the each country of the world.

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143. Is PHP really loosing popularity for Python and C#? PHP Innovation Award of 2010 - Lately in PHP podcast episode 9

The winner of the PHP Programming Innovation Award was announced. Rochak Chauhan was invited for an interview to talk about his award on episode 9 of the Lately in PHP podcast, hosted as usual by Manuel Lemos and Ernani Joppert.

The three also discuss the latest developments of the TIOBE programming languages ranking. The latest numbers seem to suggest that languages like Python and C# are gaining popularity supposedly at the expense of an apparent loss of interest on PHP.

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130. PHP Performance Optimization, PHP Code Generation, AppIgnite - Lately in PHP podcast episode 5

On the episode 5 of the Lately in PHP podcast, Manuel Lemos and Ernani Joppert have as guest Jason Roberts, developer of the upcoming Web based application generation AppIgnite.

They have discussed several topics of interest like PHP code generation tools for speeding up PHP development, the video of Rasmus Lerdorf talk on PHP performance optimization techniques.

They also discuss the reasons and the progress status of things that sometimes annoy PHPClasses site users, like the advertising placement and the redirection during registration and login in the site.

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129. JSClasses, JSMag, PHP Alpha 1, PHP strict typing, IndieConf - Lately in PHP podcast episode 4

On this episode of the Lately in PHP podcast, Manuel Lemos and Ernani Joppert interview Michael Kimsal from the WebDev publishing company.

They talked about JSClasses, the just launched PHPClasses brother site for JavaScript components.

They also commented on the OpenID based single sign-on system that was implemented to reuse PHPClasses accounts on the JSClasses site to avoid making current PHPClasses users to creating new accounts on the JSClasses site.

It was also discussed about the latest developments for the eventual PHP 5.4 Alpha 1 version, such as the support type hinting of scalar arguments versus strict typing.

Also covered are some initiatives of Michael's company, the JSMag JavaScript magazine (promotion coupon included) and IndieConf, a conference for independent Web professionals.

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125. Developing PHP applications to run natively on Android phones

The PHP For Android project was just launched. This article presents an interview with the project's lead developer. He explained how it works and what you can do to develop PHP applications that can run now on any Android device.

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