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Initiatives to promote PHP user groups

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214. Ski PHP Conference

The Utah PHP Users Group is organizing the Ski PHP Conference 2014. They started a call for speakers.

Read this article to learn more about the event and how you can submit a proposal to speak at the event.

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138. 2010: Yet another great year for PHP

2010 was an year full of interesting happenings for the PHP development and its community of developers.

This article presents a balance of what were the most important happenings in the PHP community in 2010, as well a reflection of what we can expect for 2011 for PHP, as well for the PHPClasses site.

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122. Podcast Lately in PHP - Episode 1

This is the inaugural episode of the Lately in PHP podcast hosted by Manuel Lemos and Ernani Joppert. It covers some of the latest happenings in the PHP world.

This episode covers the top active PHP user groups, interview with Guilherme Blanco of the Doctrine project, finding and posting great PHP jobs, Yahoo Hack Day event, the Yahoo Query Language, Google Developer Day event, the winners of the PHP Programming Innovation Award edition of March 2010, the article about PHP developers switching from Internet Explorer and Firefox to Google Chrome, and the plans for Firefox 4.

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114. PHP User Groups ranking

The PHP Users Group ranking is an initiative that is aimed to highlight PHP user groups that have more active members.

This article explains how it works and what can you do to lead your local PHP user group to have more and better activities for the benefit of the PHP community in general.

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99. India will become number 1 source of PHP developers soon

The number of Indian PHP developers has been growing at a large pace in the last few years, when compared to other countries. A few years ago, India was just one of the top ten countries with more PHP developers. Now India is number 2 and is almost surpassing United States, which is still number 1.

This article presents a reflection about why this growth happened just in the latest years, as well what it means for the PHP world.

Sandeep Kadam, a leader of the PHP community in India gave an interview to help clarifying this subject.

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59. Where are the PHP women?

This post lets you know about a new initiative to bring together the women that work with PHP throughout the world.

It explains how spreading the word is vital for the success of communities of specific interests.

The article also tells what you can do to help.

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44. PHP user group contacts, Bandwidth saving, Metastorage database access enhancements

This month I have been working most of the time on the development of packages and tools that I will be using to implement new services and existing service improvements in the PHP Classes site.

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36. PHP User Groups diffusion initiative

As we all know, the PHP community has grown without much commercial support from companies investing large sums of money to market it. Word of mouth has always been the most powerful means of spreading news about PHP capabilities.

Unfortunately, however, PHP is not so well known and supported everywhere in the world. In regions where PHP is more popular, user groups exist which promote regular meetings and other initiatives to provide opportunities for users to build their knowledge and obtain local PHP support.

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34. PHP Classes on Orkut, PHP User Groups difusion initiative

I am writing you quickly to tell about a couple of neat things that are going on about the PHP Classes site.

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